About Us



I am an animal lover who believes that everyone should try to make a difference when they have the opportunity. With Mons Bons, I found a passionate way to create my own opportunity that would allow me to increase the animal welfare. If you have some time, you can read the story of my company and me below. 

Thank you in advance for sparing your time:)

- My Love For Animals -

Since I was a little child, I've always had a special connection with animals. I used to save my pocket money in order to buy food for stray dogs that lived in my neighborhood. As I grew up, I continued to help as much as I can. Before moving to Berlin I lived in Istanbul, and I used to carry food for stray dogs in my car. And during the winter, I used to drive to the isolated districts of Istanbul to feed the animals out there, because it is really hard for them to find something to eat. I am currently volunteering in an organization that finds homes for dogs in Europe and when I travel from Istanbul to Berlin, I carry the adopted dogs with me to their new homes. However, I’ve never felt satisfied with my own help, because there are always more dogs that need a helping hand. 

- Conditions Of Dogs In Istanbul -

In Istanbul, there are 130.000 stray dogs, and most of them are in very bad conditions. The shelters are the worst places they can ever be, because all of the shelters have dogs beyond their capacities and there is no enough food and room for every one of them. Due to the over population of the city, the government collects and sends every dog in the streets to forests where they cannot find water or food. Basically, they leave them there alone to die. 

- How I Came Up With The Idea -

To explain how I came up with the idea, I have to tell you about our first winter in Berlin.

I've been living in Berlin with my beautiful girl, Mona (the model of Mons Bons) for two years. Before that, we lived in Istanbul, where the weather is not that cold in winter. I can't forget my first winter in Berlin due to two reasons.

Firstly, I've never felt that much cold in my life. I swear I didn't leave my home throughout January. IT WAS -15 DEGREES. Secondly, thanks to that cold weather, I came up with my business idea. Like me, Mona was not used to that kind of weather, and one day, when I was walking her, I looked at her and she was shivering because of the cold. Therefore, I started to buy some hoodies and jackets for her. When I dressed her up, she looked adorable. Encouraged by her looks, I started to design some products for her. I was very excited about seeing my designs on Mona. When I received the clothes, I took some pictures and, of course, sent them to my friends. All of them loved it, and they told me that I should do this as a full time job.

At first, my reaction was "NO WAAAY", because I was enrolled in a psychology masters program and had planned my future as a psychologist. However, after some time, all I thought about was designing products for dogs, and I've realized that this can be my passionate way to make my dreams come true. Thus, I've decided to drop out of my masters program and start this business. 

My biggest dream is contributing to animal welfare around the world. To make my dreams come true, I’ve established Mons Bons, and I will donate a part of its profit to the animals in Istanbul. When my company expands, I want to build a shelter of my own with better conditions.

Ps. Special thanks to Mona, who has been inspiring me on all of my designs.

All the best,